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  • A Personalized Touch

    We may not sell hundreds upon hundreds of homes per year, but with our small agile team each client is treated like family

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Why choose Paul Endzell?

Investor and VRBO Owner

There are plenty of realtors to choose from but how many have owned investment property. Experienced buying and selling investment property and personally owned and managed four VRBO/RB&B’s from Arizona to Maui

Mortgage Broker

When you work with a realtor, usually they will have to consult with a mortgage broker to see what mortgage makes sense to use. Paul’s got 15 years of being in the trenches of a mortgage broker. #onestopshop


Paul is a first-time home buyer specialist who is both patient and understanding. He understands the anxiety that comes with buying a home for the first time and enjoys teaching renters about their options.


“Paul has been incredible value in my quest of home ownership. Paul took the time to really know my interest, that he took to heart. With my budget and my want to live with within seattle seamed difficult to me, Paul was optimistic and full of amazing options. He’s genuinely a good man”


“Paul is very experienced and helped me through the whole process of buying the home. The whole buying experience is great and he made the offer making becomes so simple. Highly recommended.”


“If found Paul to be very informative throughout the entire process of buying a home. He always kept us up to date regarding all facets of where we were with Appraisals, Inspections and Negotiations. If would recommend him in a heartbeat.”


“Paul was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and thorough in our dealings with him. He carefully explained what documentation was required for our purchase and made sure we understood each step along the way. No better one to work with.”


“I have been working with Paul on my current home search – and he has proven to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable thus far! Along with being very personable and friendly, he has a good understanding of the community and really took the time to find out what my main concerns and desires were in this process. He also gave me some insight regarding the mortgage industry that will be helpful as I move forward with a purchase. I feel very confident that with Paul helping me – I will be able to find what I am looking for…and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate agent right now!”